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Appétit.Studio was founded under our common will to create better content through love of the craft and respect of the artists. Therefore, we challenge ourselves everyday more, to question our processes & methods, improving our systems and trying our best to make our industry a better place. 


Here are some of our studio policies:


  • Our studios are labeled low carbon impact.

  • We prefer remote work to avoid commute and long distance travel.

  • We removed airplane flights from our practices.

  • We offer high tech machines to our artists in-house. We always prefer fixing rather than renewing.

  • According to latest researchs, the employee's wastes and food consumption is the highest carbon emitter in our industry. We recycle and compost within the facilities.

Diversity & Inclusion

  • We offer equivalent salaries to all genres and origins in similar positions.

  • We make it a point to vary our team in origins, genre and seniority, offering  everybody a chance.

  • We vouch to offer a safe space both online and in-house to our coworkers.


  • We limit our production to 3 projects in parallel, placing quality first rather than quantity.

  • Our client's movies need attention and involvement from our team. We do not multi task and split positions.

  • We do not pitch, we don't direct nor compete with other players in our industry. The ambition is to place ourselves as partners instead of challengers.

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